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client no

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>suppose client no is 006

what is stand for:

0 >

0 >

6 >

tell me plzzz


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A client means a separate unit within one sap system or instance which have its own business organisation and own data. However clients within a single instance share a common database.

When a SAP system is implemented customization is done separately for each client.

But all the clients in a single system have a common repository for all ABAP Workbench development objectssuch as tables, data elements,domains etc.

Each client has its own master data, user data and transaction data.

Tcode SCC4 shows diff clients .

The numbers assigned to a client is only to identify the client only. One can assign any three digit number but not 000 and 066.

000 is the default client when sap is installed and 066 is the default client for solution manager.

Any changes applied in the 000 client is distributed across all other clients but not the vice versa.

Hope this meets your querry.

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As far as I know there is no specific meaning for 0 0 6 separately. Its your client's numbering, that has got nothing to do with SAP standards. and this numbering would differ from co. to co.

But 000 is the SAP client, you cannot log into this and make alterations to it. Any changes done in this client is automatically reflected in all the clients of that system. If we need to do some specific changes to a program in 000 client, this would require special permission from SAP, or SAP will directly log into your system remotely and do the changes for you. On the contrary, SAP will not support in upgrading the program which you have requested for alteration in their subsequent versions.



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