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Client Copy - table def missing in target system

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We have a big problem. When trying to do a client copy (prod to dev) the error we get is "Table Definition Missing in the Target System". And the client copy then is aborted. This is because a table was created directly on prod. It is K9RPRD0100001. I don't know how a table like that is created. It is for a deviation rule: State from district.

I have no access to delete this from Prod. I am being asked to assist so the client copy can be done.

Any suggestions?


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This is a table created by derivation rule for CO-PA.


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Do you know how to go about deleting it? Also, is the problem that it should have been created on dev and transported and that is why it won't do the client copy?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Janet!

The production system was open for changes, so this cross-client table could be created.

Because a client copy does not select cross client parts, this can't be copied.

Just create this (and all the rest, which was created in production) table in development again (and make a transport to test system...).

Afterwards client copy should be possible. If you should delete this table, then delete a table with this name in development before releasing the request. Then the deletion will be transported (but sounds as you need the table).



P.S.: Discuss about a system copy, maybe this fits better to your needs.

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Hi Christian,

Thank you so much.

I don't know how to create the table. The person who created it is in Europe and doesn't appear to be available.

Would you know how to create the table so I can then delete it and move it through. I am not concerned right now about needing the table. The client copy is more important.

I will also ask the basis person about a system copy.

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The problem is the table name depends on the system where it's created.

The name is K9RPRD0100001: so I think PRD is ID of your prod system.

You should try to delete this table in production by customizing.

Run the trx KEDR


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As per my knowledge . you need to run t-code <u><b>BDLS</b></u> . it actually change the target system name in tables.Normally what happend when we try to change object after coping ,it gives you an error message "Object is maintained in system 'Your main system name " .which is infact your Prod. We use to follow this logic whenever we copy data from Prod to DEV . We run BDLS . It updates the tables name with new client name .

This`ll give you some guide line .


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Hi Saquib Khan,

use OSS Note 945439 for FINBASIS and 653314 for other and repeat the clientcopy.


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