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Classical report design

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Hi Experts,

I have requirement to design a classical report having tables and radio buttons,as because I am new to abap I need some help.

Please let me know if the above design is possible in classical report.If yes please tell the steps to design it..ASAP..

Thanks in advance...


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Dear Sagar,

In Classical Report , you can edit the O/P values. So i don't think that it is possible.


Sagar Pambhar

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Thanks Sagar for your replay....

   So if it is not possible using classical report, then can we achieve it using ALV.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi -

What is the business usage for the radio button? Are you trying to select a row and then proceed for any further activities?

I assume the report normally will not display the data rather only the radio button with the follow on text. When user will select the radio button then only the table will be popped in. I may be wrong, but if yes that is what you need then you can try with the below :

I would prefer to achieve the requirement in a different approach, like you can create a screen divider where the left side pane will contain the radio button and the text, whereas the right pane of the screen will display the concerned table record. As I can see, you need a different table structure as per the radio button. so in your case it should be dynamic internal table associated with the concerned text.

You can use the docking container class , cl_*doc*cont* and embed your dynamic alv (editable ).

- Thanks, Somnath

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Since you are new to abap, I'll try a more simple approach.

I think you should consider making a module pool for your program.

Go to se80 and create a program, module pool.

Inside that program, you will be able to create screens.

For example, screen 0100 will be your selection parameters screen (With your radio buttons and table grids). After the user fill this screen and run your program, you will have to write code in the PAI of the screen flow, calling your process code, or a new screen.

You can find lots of information of ABAP Module Pools on google.

Thales Schmidt