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Class structure

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I am implementing a BADI, in that method i can see a Attribute in debugging <b>Object: Reference:-MR_ENTITY</b>

In this i have another attribute MS_ATTRIBUTES as structure assigned to it.

the structure i can see in debugging is <b>-MS_ATTRIBUTES</b>

How can i programatically get this structure in my itab?




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Hello Giri

If you are asking about a BAdI it would be quite useful to know the BAdI name.

However, you have a reference to class CL_DPR_PROJECT_O. Its attribute MR_ENTITY (of type CL_CGPL_ENTITY) is <i>protected </i>and, thus, not directly accessible.

Thus, you have to search for a method that allows you to retrieve this protected attribute. A good candidate appears to be the following method (of class CL_DPR_PROJECT_O):

" Assumption: o_project should be your reference to CL_DPR_PROJECT_O.
"                    Here it would be quite useful to have the BAdI's name.

  lo_object     TYPE REF TO object,
  lo_common TYPE REF TO if_dpr_common,
  lo_project    TYPE REF TO cl_cgpl_entity.

  lo_object = o_project->IF_DPR_COMMON~GET_NATIVE_OBJECT( ).
  lo_project ?= lo_object.  " casting

" Alternatively, you could use this coding:
  lo_project ?=  o_project->IF_DPR_COMMON~GET_NATIVE_OBJECT( ).  " Or:

  lo_common ?= o_project.  " casting to interface type
  lo_project    ?= lo_common->GET_NATIVE_OBJECT( ).

Assuming that you have know the protected instance attribute MR_ENTITY (CL_CGPL_ENTITY) available you can directly access attribute MS_ATTRIBUTES because it is <i>public </i>(& read-only).

  ls_attributes    TYPE cgpl_ts_entity.

  ls_attributes = lo_project->ms_attributes.



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HI Uwe,

Thanks for reply,


and the filter i am using is ON_DPO_RELEASED.

lo_object = o_project->IF_DPR_COMMON~GET_NATIVE_OBJECT( ).

what should be on o_project? pls help me out on this

I did not work before on classes... so any help would be useful and i award points once the problem is solved.

UWE: can you help me out regarding this?



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Giri K

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Hi Giri,

Generally, you may take a look the example implemenation of the BADI DPR_EVENTS, it is the CL_EXM_IM_DPR_EVENTS. If you can not access it, I can copy the codes and post here.

For your case, if you would like to get the parameters of the project definition,

you can use the method GET_DATA_EXT of the class CL_DPR_PROJECT_O.

You should have most possible attributes of the project defintion using the method.

Kind regards,


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HI Wang,

Can you provide a sample code how to get data from method GET_DATA_EXT. I have no experience in ABAP OOPS.

Thanx again