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CLASS backup

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Hi Friends,

How to take a back of all the methods, atrributs and parameters of call into local pc? Basically I am done with my current project so want to copy all my codes to pc that way I can reuse it in future.




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Hello Nash,

there are several options:

1) Use SAPLink

2) Use the report "SEO_CLASS_OUTPUT"

3) Use the sourcebased editor for classes ( with Release 7.02 ).

Kind regards,


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Well you can have a look at this Wiki's posted by our friend Vinod

[Extracting Implementation details of global Interface using class|] - Class CL_RECA_RS_CLIF is used here

[Information of Class Objects using CL_OO_CLASS|]

[Source code Download and Syntax Check using CL_RECA_RS_SERVICES|] - Have a look at method GET_SOURCE

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@kesavadas Thekkillath The links are not working. Can you please list out the steps that I need to do to back up if you can?

@Hendrik Brandes

Never used SAPLink before. Can you tell me the steps involved.

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Hello John,

no problem. The usage of SAPLink is quite simple:

1) Download and Install SAPLink from . You have to create a so called installer report "ZSAPLINK_INSTALLER" and install the initial nugget ( nugget is like a XML-based transport). There is a file called README in the installation-package which describes all steps.

2) Start the SAPLink report "ZSAPLINK" with SE38 and export or import your sources. The UI is easy and you should get in very quick. For exporting, you need to create a nugged-file, select all your objects and then export them into this nugget file. But: SAPlink does not support all SAP objects.

Kind regards,


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check this program. I love this program