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CL_SALV_TABLE Events on Selections of data

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I am working on a project where I am using a CL_SALV_TABLE to display data in a table in ALV format

I would like to add 2 functions 1 based on multiple selection on data that is deemed right by the programm to continue working with

One to indivudually select entries and eddit the components by calling the transaction me22n.

How would I go about starting a project like that what are the concepts necesarry to know where is a good point to start with it.


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This "question" feels like a requirements list to me. Try to split them into smaller steps and work them one by one. Once you'll did it, then ask one question for each step you could not find the solution using the search option (or a simple ABAP tutorial) in separated posts.
But again, this seems some sort of "do my (home)work for me", and it's a rude thing to ask if it is.

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Each of these questions have been already asked and answered in the forum. There are lots of demo programs too.

You need to take time to learn. Nothing is simple with SAP ERP/ABAP.