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Checking value in field

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Hi sap gurus

My problem is

In T code JHA2n there is a screen field RJHA3001-Rabi_betr . this field is used to give discount.when user enters value into this field the value has to be checked in ztable and if value entered is wrong there should be an error message and he should be able to change the value in same field.

Can we check screen logic in exits. I mean can we give chain end chain statement in exits to check this.

Plese guide me how to use exits to accomplish this.




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If you are using version 4.6c or earlier, you can use field exits and add your validation code in the field exit function module. You need to assign the field exit to the data element of the field.

If you are using any higher versions incl ECC6, then you can check for enhancement points which are available from ECC. For this you need to find an implicit enhancement point in the PAI of the screen and add your validation.

Hope this helps



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Hi Sir

Thanks for Reply. I am using ECC 6.0.

As i am new to ABAP can you please guide me how to find enhancement points.