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Check ABAP OO Custom Code for Authority Checks

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------  Even though i searched the web and SCN intensively, i did not find any matching solution, so yes, this thread is again about Authority Check-Control, sorry for that. ------

Hi experts,

for reporting purposes we need to get a list of all custom reports and the Authority Checks used. The big problem is that we have a lot of custom reports which use a method to do the check and this method calls are not being scanned when using RSABAPSC or RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN.

I am aware that i can check each report by itself by tracing or looking into se93, but i really need a report i just have to start once to get all custom reports checked.

I find it hard to believe that SAP does not have a report for this and that i'm the first to have this problem, so if anyone of you got the final hint, i would be grateful. Otherwise it's up to me to develop it, i guess...




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Anyone got an idea?

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Hi Thorben,

I think that, unafortunatelly, except Traces, RSABAPSC, find programas with *auth*che*, etc. dont exist any standard report that say you which authority-check have in a specific program.

I hope that any developer can help us, because this report will help me too

Best regards.