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Changing the Existing Row's Data

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Objective :

Change the data in a Existing row of a table


I am unable to change an existing row's data

I think it is in inactivate state

please provide me a solution for my query




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If you are changing the eixting row of the database table,

try to specify all the key fileds and se the MODIFY statement in the code.

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You have to delete the existing row and add the new one.

You can do easily using SM30 for this you have generate the Table Maintainance.

Or you can do it using the program, read the data and using the modify statement you can do it..



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you can change from se11

firstle check is the table in display or change mode. if in display goto change mode

after you display the values check the check box by the side of the row you want to change and press change(f6) you can change values except the primary key values

or if you have TMG you can do the same from sm30

you can write a cusrtom program and change the values using modify statement

if you want to change the primary key values you must delete rhe row and enter new row thats only way

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Possible reasons could be:

1. As you said the table whose records you are trying to modify the data, may be inactive.

2. We will not be able to change the contents of a table if the table view maintenance is not specified as display/maintenance allowed.

So check for these points.

3. If you dont find any problem with the table view maintenance, then check for your code whether you have used the modify statement specifying all the key fields.



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hi lakshmi prasad,

are you trying to change data of an existing row of a n internal table in a report.

then comment the MODIFY statement line and then activate the report.

then once again uncomment the MODIFY statement and use it like

MODIFY internal tabel from Work are transporting <MATNR> - if you are modifying MATNR field.

Hope this will resolve your problem or do explain us in more detals where exactly you are facing the problem.

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use update statement with where condition on active database table..

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