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Changing display name in search help

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I am creating a new elementary search help for the field VBKD-BSTKD_E. This elementary search help is then appended to the standard collective serach help VMVA.

Now when F4 is pressed, a pop up is displayed for the user to enter the value for BSTKD_E. Now in the pop up BSTKD_E field's desciption is displayed. But i do not want this name(description) to be displayed.

Is there any way that i can change the name/description of the field BSTKD_E in the pop up?

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I've not tried something exactly like that before but you might like to have a go with this:

- Implement a search help exit in the elementary search help (following the F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE model if you've not used one before);

- Within your new exit function module, implement some code in the 'DISP' step

(i.e. if callcontrol-step = 'DISP'...) where you will modify the contents of the SHLP parameter (type SHLP_DESCR) ...

- Within SHLP_DESCR you will see FIELDDESCR which is of type DDFIELDS which is a table type of DFIES - by the time the DISP step is reached, I expect you'll find this has the list of fields and headers, so you'll want to modify REPTEXT (and maybe the SCRTEXT* field values too) for the row which corresponds to your BSTKD_E column.