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Change Properties of item fields in VA42

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Hello everyone,

please could you tell me if is possible to change the properties of item table fields in va42.

I would like to change the field MVGR4 from listbox to drilldown and create my own list of input values.

Thank you


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Those material group are handled in a domain value table TVM4 (Customizing, maintenance only by customer, no SAP imports) Customizing Transaction is VMG4. Why would you change the list of value in some code?

Explain also what you expect from a drilldown navigation?

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Giuseppi, the client has a need. They want to have a search help with default values depending on plant and item category values but the want add other values like exceptions.

If the field is a listbox they cannot add values manually.

So I need to change from listbox to drilldown