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Change document object no change recorded for Customer text

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When I use transaction XD02 to change or add text for a sales area, no modification are recorded in CDHDR and CDPOS tables.

Any adea how to fix it? or if it is possible to do this.



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those text area fields are not selected for the CDHDR and CDPOS. so when ever you change there will not be and entry in these tables.

if you want to set it means... find the fileds and check its data eg...

field MATNR

Dataelement: MATNR

Futhure Characteristic -> Change Document.

Find like this.....



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Thanks ,

But I don't think for this text that the way it works. The data element is LTEXT and used has a general field text and I only want to record the change if it is the customer sales text. Execute transaction XD02 or XD03 with a customer number and go in the menu EXTRA/TEXTS.

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use READ_TEXT function module.

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I want to use the change pointer because I want to be able to see the change before and after. And When a change pointer is created we can send an IDOC based on that change pointer.