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CDS Views in Sybase db

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     I am working with code push down technique CDS views on SAP sybase DB.  I am able to create CDS views with and without parameters but the problem is not able to see the data using option 'Open Data Preview' of ABAP DDL Sources menu and i found that some of the options of CDS views not working properly in Sybase.

     I am able to see the data on Oracle and HANA. Is there any limitations of CDS Views on SAP sybase DB. Please help me on this.




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Hi Venkatesh,

I can data-preview the cds-view "demo_cds_outer_joins" on a SYBASE, Release: system.

Does SE16 work for your views without parameter (using the sqlViewName) ?

Regards, Christian

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Hi Christian,

      Yes. SE16 is working fine for views without parameters. i tried in SYBASE, Release system. Now i can see data preview for views without parameters but i cannot see data preview when i add parameters to any existing view.

Thank You