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Hi all,

I have a custom subscreen in Material master (MM01/02/03). i added a button in that custom subscreen. On click of a button, i am calling the FM: CATSXT_SIMPLE_TEXT_EDITOR

The user will enter text and hit Ok. When i come back to the calling subscreen, i get the below message: Record 21 SETID does not exist in table T133E

I checked the OSS notes mentioned in simialar blogs but not able to resolve this error. Any help or pointers will be appreciated.

Please note, i will be saving this text against new text id for that material number.




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In the title of your question, you seem to assume that the message "Record 21 SETID does not exist in table T133E" comes from CATSXT_SIMPLE_TEXT_EDITOR, so you should post the code how you call it.

Note that you can add a Statement Breakpoint on MESSAGE to analyze the origin.

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The error does not seem to be related to the FM, but rather to the screen sequence Customizing of material master data (SPRO, Copy customized material master, 44410 - Integrating customer-specific fields in the material master, tables T133D/E, etc.)

Try to debug after the end of the FM call, seems the screen/function code processing is triggering this error.

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It seems to be correct but the thing is i am just adding a simple button in a custom subscreen. there is no way the table will store the function code for this button as its a custom one. Moreover, the code within the PAI of the screen that is called within this FM is as below which suggests that the sequence should go back to the calling program. It is going to MM02 transaction but giving this error.

In debugging i do see in the call stack it is calling FM:MATERIAL_DYNPRO_SEQUENCE within this T133E_SINGLE_READ_FCODE is called which is throwing the error.

case ok_code.
when 'CX_CONT'.
leave to screen 0.

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In fact, you have added a function code to a subscreen, as a result this function code is also passed to the main dynpro (in fact, I guess you could not use OK_CODE in the subscreen PAI and used SY-UCOMM).

  • So you need to add this function code to the tables that handle the dynpro flow (T133D, T133E).
  • Or remove your function code and replace it with a container and handle a long text editor with CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT

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Found the solution to this issue.

Maintain entry for Function code in the following 2 views