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Capturing Deletion of SO10 Text in Transport request to delete from Quality

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Dear All,

I need Capturing Deletion of SO10 Text in Transport request to delete it from Quality. It is wrongly transported to Quality and production. Can anybody guide how it can be done.

I deleted text from SO10 in Dev but no TR pop-up came .

Can anybody guide how deletion can be captured in TR in dev?



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Very old question, use report RSTXTRAN

(maybe you could use it only if text exit, so before deleting the text add to a transport request, and after delete the text)

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Dear Frederic,

The program you are talking about can be used for adding text to TR but could not see any option

for deletion and addition to Transport. The text can be deleted as well from SO10->Text->delete but no popup came for Transport request.

So, kindly guide how can be sure the SO10 text in Quality system will be deleted on moving transport.


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1. recreate the text in SO10

2. use the report to add the good line in the transport task (transport request)

3. delete the text in SO10

as you will have an entry in your transport request and nothing in SO10, you will transport a deletion

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I am sorry for confusion caused.

Requirement is deletion of entire text name and not just text inside it. For sanity purpose clien won't allow having blank text name/element in quality system.

Kindly guide further.

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Generally speaking, in Transport Management System, the deletion corresponds to

  1. in the transport request, have the key of the object to be deleted,
  2. make sure the object is deleted in the source system,
  3. release the transport request -> it will flag the object as to be deleted because it doesn't exist in the source system,
  4. import in target system -> it will delete the object in target system

See Frederic answer about how to transport standard texts