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Can u help me in ST05? while i am displaying trace analysis its showing the pop window as ''Cannot open kernel trace file for reading (End of file)''

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plz answer me... i am facing this problem while i am doing sql trace.

1-i activated trace for my tcode.

2-deactivated trace after the program execution.

3- now , while i am displaying the trace the following error is coming.

thanks in advance,



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Even we have the same error in onw of our system .  Does any one know the reason for this behaviour

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Hi Rahul,

This is not an error message. This is merely a system message saying the trace is not available. You must have activated trace with filter. And since none of the filter conditions were met , the trace file was not generated.



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As per SAP Note - 2560768 

"The activity you are trying to trace is writing a large amount of trace entries to the TRACE files, and the space allotted for the TRACE files is not enough to contain all the trace entries generated by this activity. As a result, the earliest actions of the task are overwritten and you are left with an incomplete performance trace."


"If you are tracing an activity that writes a large amount of trace entries, the only option is to increase the size and/or number of TRACE files.

This is done using transaction ST01 -> Go To -> Administration and altering the Maximum File Size and/or Trace Files: Max. Number fields."


Harsh Bansal

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Harsh has given solution.

deactivated trace after the program execution.

you are logging complete program, you may consider to log part of program which you want to trace. Go into debugging mode and activate trace and deactivate trace during the part of program.

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If you want to complete Harsh answer to 2016 Former Member question, better Reply on Harsh answer.

Note that the original poster probably won't confirm that you understood correctly the question, so it's impossible to confirm it's the "good solution/answer". It's only your opinion. I would say, that it's only a partial answer, there may be other reasons.