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can not able to create pbo and pai modules for screeen

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I am calling screen 200 after selection screen. I can able to create layout . Now I want to create module pbo , which I am doing by uncommenting and by double click. Once the double click is done, it is just buffering, and system is not responding. I am going to task manager and then I am deleting SAP from it . I am trying to create pbo and pai module, and the issue is still remaining. Even after 15 minutes , it is not responding. Is there any configuration issue on my GUI ?


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Probably you've a buggy version of SAPGui. Try installing the latest version.

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  • Your SAP GUI installation (there is an option in SAP Logon, option, system information)
  • Your main program with SE80 (also insure you don't lock any include from another session)
  • Your logon language (tnere should be a text in the popup windows such as 'module doesn't exist... create it?')

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These very last days, I saw a quite slow display of the text inside popups. Maybe you experience something similar, but worst.

Maybe it's related to the HTML control used with SAP GUI, try to switch the SAP GUI 7.70 (and +) option between Edge and IE (mine is set on Edge, probably IE would be faster).

Also, check the recent SAP notes.

Another possibility, but I guess there's no good reason that it solves, you may set your SAP GUI connection option as "Slow network".