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Can custom logic be added to filter a particular column in ALV?

My requirement is: My field has 'No. of days & hours' - Days/hh:mm:ss . When I try to filter this based on GE/LE/GT/LT, it compares char by char (ALV behavior). E.g.: If I filter GT 3 it will compare only the first char and filter. if I have 23/12:00:00 it will say this is lesser as it will compare only the first char 2 with my filter value 3. I wanted to know if we can add custom logic (Converting into days or hours, filtering and passing back the value) to get the desired result.


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Why didn't you create a TimeStamp ?

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Consider using a domain with an internal format that allows filter and a conversion-exit to convert it to/from your format.

Suggestion: convert time to seconds and add nbdays * 84600 within two conversion exit FMs (Create CONVERSION_EXIT_ZDHMS_INPUT and CONVERSION_EXIT_ZDHMS_OUTPUT)