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Call transaction syntax

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hi expert,

I have called a program using submit from my program.

and i passed some value through it.

for example


WITH PRINTER# = ztca001-zz_gchr2

WITH P_QTYLBL = v_lifmg

WITH S_KUNNR = v_kunnr

WITH S_MATNR = i_zvsd006-matnr

and return.

but in place of this i have to use a call transcation to call this program.

my problem is how to pass the screen variable through CALL TRANSATION , I have not to create any BDC for this.

Is there any syntax which can perform this task.

thanks in advance.


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HI Abhi,

Thats good!

we could do that by seting the perameters.

SET PERAMETER is the key word.

first find the parameter IDs for those fields and set those in the program before calling the transaction.



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i have not to change the calling program. Is that any syntax where i can pass screen variable through CALL TRANSACTION. actually user doesn't have authorization to run the calling program.

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Well, first if this program is a REPORT program, you should always call it using the SUBMIT statement rather than a CALL TRANSACTION. If your program is a module pool program, then you should use CALL TRANSACTION instead of SUBMIT. In the case where you have no control over the CALLED program, meaning you can't change it, then you would need to do a BDC to pass the values to this transaction. If you do have control over this program you could use memory to pass the values, for example, in the calling program, use the EXPORT statement to pass the values to memory, and in the called program, use IMPORT to get the values. And of course, this is just one approach.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Abhishek,

You can do SET PARAMETER and try.

You would need to make sure there is PARAMETER ID for each field on screen that you want to pass and then it will work.

Let me know



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Create a parameter transaction for the program and use CALL TRANSACTION with the new transaction.