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CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_copy/delete

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I use this method to copy/delete files from local disk [CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_copy/delete], when I call this method it always display a dialog windows asking for permission to copy/delete a file. How can I get rid of this method behavior ?.

Users complains that they don't want to be pressing OK each time this dialog window displays and don't want to be clicking the option "remember my decision"

Thanks on advance.


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This is part of Windows security. I know of no way to override it.

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For lazzy and irresponsible users, there is an option in SAP GUI to remove any security check... But AFAIK from Abap size no solution (*), this is computer dependant. Also ask for a discharge of responsibilitty before they overwrite an important file on their pc/network...



(*) Actually theres is one, changing some register value with the cl_gui_frontend_services but they require administration authorization of their terminal. (Don't)

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PS: the Windows registry entries are described in the SCN articles entitled "SAP GUI for Windows Administration Guide". I think the setting is for the SAP GUI screen attached.

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Hi David, as already described by Raymond an Matthew this is security functionality provided by the SAP GUI installation / configuration. The clean way to get rid of it would be to define a security rule for SAP GUI that allows e.g. to read/write/delete. in a certain directory. Security rules can somehow be rolled out to users' desktops (but I am no client side expert and cannot give you details on this).

Regards, Lutz