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Bypass SSO user credentials with HTTP destination user credentials

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I have a requirement to by-pass the SSO credentials with http destination user credentials while trying to launch a ABAP Webdynpro Application.

I am currently using the CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SREVICES=>Execute () method to launch the abap wd application in a browser session. This uses the SSO credentials and logs in to the application ( provided SSO user exists in the target application ).

In case the SSO user does not exist in the target application , then the logon screen is shown to the user where he can enter the credentials.

What i would like to achieve is - i have an HTTP destination created with the target system details( serverhost, port , user credentials ) maintianed.

i would like to logon to the application by reading the http destination user credentials ( by pass SSO user credentials )

Could anybody help me in this if there is a way to achieve this ?

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do you want to use one fixed user for that WD app or just for subset of users you want to user one user and others will logon using their usernames? If you want to use fixed user for everyone then just go to corresponding node for WD app in SICF and set fixed user for that service.


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Thank you for the reply

We do not have a standard user for accessing the WD application.

There are many users who can access the application.

Hence, the option of maintianing the user for the application in SICF is ruled out.

Any other possibility of bypassing the SSO credentials with the HTTP destination user credentials ?

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