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Business Transaction Events

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Hi gurus,

I do not understand the concept of BTEs.. Pls do provide

me with some links so that i can know more about these


Thank you..


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Hi Anand,

    • I do not understand the concept of BTEs

BTE are similar to exits in which we can hook our code .

BTE's are majorily use in FI area where we have large number of Validatios and all.

From SAP Help

You can use BTE exits to add additional components to the SAP standard system, for example in the form of function modules. There are two types of interface:

· Publish & Subscribe interfaces

· These give information that specific events have occurred in the SAP standard application and provide the data generated to external software. However the external software does not return any data to the SAP standard system.

· Process interfaces

These subject business processes to an external control function that is not part of the standard system; in other words the process interfaces interrupt the standard process and deliver data to the SAP application.

A BTE exit is called up in the process, meaning that process modules check the events in Customizing for calling up the BTE exits. In the BTE method, function modules are called up in specified events, to which they have been assigned in Customizing. The event interface is predefined. To activate the process modules, choose Settings for Process Interfaces -> Assign Customer Function Modules to Process Interfaces. For more information on activating user exits, see the sample modules in the documentation on function modules.

Some Good links on the same:

Transaction code :

FIBF Maintenance transaction BTE

Hope this may help you.



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Herewith i am giving some tips about BTES and i hope this will help you to solve your problem.

Badi->The use of object orientated code within SAP has lead to new method of enhancing standard SAP code called

Business Add-Ins or BADI's for short. Although the implementation concept is based on classes, methods and

inheritance you do not really have to understand this fully to implement a BADI.


1.Execute Business Add-In(BADI) transaction SE18

2.Enter BADI name i.e. HRPBSGB_HESA_NISR and press the display button

3.Select menu option Implementation->Create

4.Give implementation a name such as Z_HRPBSGB_HESA_NISR

5.You can now make any changes you require to the BADI within this implementation, for example choose the Interface tab

6.Double click on the method you want to change, you can now enter any code you require.

7.Please note to find out what import and export parameters a method has got return the original BADI definition(i.e. HRPBSGB_HESA_NISR) and double click on the method name for example within HRPBSGB_HESA_NISR contract is a method

8.When changes have been made activate the implementation


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HI Anandaraja,

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