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Business Connector-Mapping Records

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I am working on a requirement in BC, where we are receiving Idoc from SAP and the output from BC should be in a third party XML format.

I have configured routing rules with B2B service and created a folder and a service. In the service I have captured the IDoc into a record structure. Also the record structure of the third party is available.

But while mapping the values from the Idoc record structure(source) to the third paty record structure(target) values are not flowing from the source to the target.

And the target structure shows null values eventhough the source structure has values.

Please point out what I am missing.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Priya,

The Idoc values should be stored in Record strucutre format. While mapping, it should be looped over the idoc strucutre. Can u upload the mapping, so that i will check and will let u know. As it is not like a ABAP code, we can not trace where the problem is?. You can check in 'Results' section, after execution of the flow service.

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Hi Vijay,

I am unable to upload my mapping in this forum.

I have got the Idoc structure which is a record and each segments in the IDoc are in the form of Records and record lists inside this IDoc master record.

And in a similar way the target structure is also there which has record for the header and for line items it is a record list.

Is it tat for records we can do a direct mapping and for record lists we do a loop over.

I have done a direct mapping between the records of the source(Idoc) and target structure(third party). Is there any restriction in mapping two records as such.