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How can I implement the BTE for an event. Whats the transaction code for doing this. What is the process of implementing a BTE.

Can any one help on this.

Ravi G


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Hi ,

You can find the BTE in the transaction FIBF.

SAP Reference IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Business Transaction Events

u2022 For Publish and Subscribe Interfaces, Environment - > Info system (P/S)

u2022 For Process Interfaces, Environment -> Infosystem(Processes)

Basic Steps in Configuring Business Transaction Events

􀂾 Make sure the application is active for Business Transaction Events.

􀂾 Identify the BTE

􀂾 Copy the sample interface function module into a "Zu201D or u201CYu201D function module.

􀂾 Write the ABAP code into the source code section of the new "Zu201D or u201CYu201D function module. You may choose to create a "Zu201D or u201CYu201D program to enter the code into and then insert the "Z" or u201CYu201D program into your function module source code.

􀂾 Save and activate the function module.

􀂾 Assign the function module to the event, country and application.


K.Vinay Kumar

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Hi Ravui,

Try transaction FIBF. Step 1) Use menu option "Settings >> Products >> of

a customer" to create a new entry for your FIPP enhancement. Don't

activate it yet. Step 2) Choose "Settings >> P/S Function Modules >> of a

customer". Associate your BTE 00001050 with a function module that you

will create. Step 3) Create your function module and raise the event via

ABAP within it. Step 4) Go back to "Settings >> Products >> of a customer"

to activate the BTE.



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This is a well documented standard process and doesn't require redundant step-by-step guides.

Please search before posting.

Thread locked.