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BSP: Tooltip should be removed

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I am currently working on E-Recruiting part of HR module. We incorporated the application 'HRRCF_START_EXT' or 'HRRCF_START' as the logon page. The page contains two simple tabs Username, Password and a LOGON button.

When I place the cursor on the Logon button and weird message is displayed as tooltip ' TO Activate, Press Space bar'. I need to remove this message. I tried checking the code in application.bsp but unfortunately I couldnt find any code related to the button or tooltip. Could anyone throw some light as to how I should remove this tooltip.

Also I have a problem with validations. If a user enters a wrong password for three or more times, User account gets locked and an should be enabled in the back end for the user to login again. But there's is no message being displayed about the user getting blocked on the front end. I should now display a message ' User blocked, contact 888-888-8888 to unlock' message. But totally unsure how to go across with this issue. I would be grateful if someone could guide through this with a piece of code and steps to be taken.

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Thank you for any help.


Vikram. B


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I can just give you some hints:

1. Tooltip: In the source code of the HTML (can be seen by rightclick), you will most likely find the text "TO Activate, ...". You might be able to remove this message by javascript.

2.Logon: Here security is involved: If a cracker tries to get into the computer, it is not optimal, if he gets this message "contact 888-888...", because then he knows, that there is a user like that. So standard method is to block the user "silently". I don't know, if you can change this behaviour.



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I know that I can view this in the html page.but where do i find this in the backend.