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Binary to XML format

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Hi all,

To post a document to bank i have used digital signature using SSF functions. It is working fine. And my recipient received the data with digital signature.

Now I have a problem, when i use SSF function my input data is converted into binary format, which is not accepatble by the recipient system. They wanted the format to be in XML. How do I convert my binary data to XML format. OR am i doing something wrong.

My program flow is like this,

1. get the data from SAP.

2. using FM SSF_KRN_SIGN.

3. Output of SSF_KRN_SIGN, is passed to SSF_KRN_ADDSIGN.

4. Output of SSF_KRN_ADDSIGN is passed to HTTP_POST to the bank.

When I send data to FM SSF_KRN_SIGN, my input data is plain text format, the return value from this FM is in binary format.

Could any one help me in solving my problem .


prabhu rajesh.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I believe that the XML and the digital signature are two separate things. When you call SSF_KRN_SIGN it takes whatever input data you have and signs it - producing a binary output table. If your bank wants its dta in XML, you will have to change your input data to the function SSF_KRN_SIGN into XML before passing it to the function. Use the iXML classes or if on 620 the Call Transformation command (Both of which have been discussed on this forum before) to change your data into iXML. Output your XML Stream as a character Table. Feed this Character table into the function modeul SSF_KRN_SIGN. The results of this function module will be your XML stream, digitally signed, and in binary format.