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BDT: Enhance BUTX_BUPA_PAI_BUTX01 with Message

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Hello there,

I'm trying to enhance a dynpro function of the BP transaction. There I need to check the taxnumbers of commercial businesspartners. I already discovered the transaction BUS3 and added a custom FM 'ZBUTX_BUPA_PAI_BUTX01' to the "After Entry"- datafield of the view BUTX01.

I encountered following problems:

  • Getting global memory: I don't know, if I tracked the right solution. But I importet the needed data via ASSIGN (example below). Is there a better Way to get the data?
  • Displaying Messages during editing BP: Futhermore I'm trying to set up a message, displayed in the BP transaction. I use the FM 'BUS_MESSAGE_STORE'. The message is displayed, but way too often. I set the parameter 'repeat_show' tothe value 0 (only show once), but the message still appears everytime I cross the tab. It seems the message handler doesn't store the fact it showed the message already.

    While displaying the message you have to choose, if you want to display the message again or leave it. I alway confirm to see it again, so I can still see this little yellow warning triangle on the "Identification"-tab. Is this the right way how it has to work?

  • Messages during saving-process: When saving the business partner. I get the message up to 5 times in different states - as PopUp or in the status bar. Always confirming with displaying again. If I confirm with no the first time the message occours my bp has not been saved.

Does anyone have an idea or a sample code of how to implement the message the right way?