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BDSCONT3 and archiving ?

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Hi all,

Does someone know that the table BDSCONT3 is for ?

We're in the middle of an archiving project and we seen that table BDSCONT3 is the biggest of our system, and nobody know what make this table grows (currently more than 4 millions records).

In another system the table only got 150 records.

So we don't know if we can archive this table without problems.

Thanks in advance.



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Looks like this table stores the physical content of all ur archived documents and the link to the cluster. Do you have more documents in this system than your other system? Maybe each archived doument puts in an entry here and based on each archived doc's size maybe this table size is increasing.

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Well in our PROD system we currently didn't archive any document, and still the BDSCONT3 got more than 4 millions records.

It's very strange...

Btw, the other system who got only 150 records is a PROD system too (but from another company in the group)



This table BDSCONT3 is the largest table in the database and also the fastest growing. Does anyone know what it's purpose is and how do we manage the data growth? Is there a way to reorg or archive the entries in this table?



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Does anyone has the solution for this..I am facing the same issue??

Do not re open an old thread, create a new question

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Kindly check in SAP Service Market Place to get some info regarding this table.If nothing found,then raise an OSS Message to SAP Support to get more info.

Also share any info/solution that you have got.