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Hi Friends,

I am new to ABAP programmming.

Can anybody explain the use of the option DEFSIZE in the function CALL TRANSACTION in a BDC.

What difference does it cause when i give this as 'X' or ' '.

Your inputs would be more than helpful.




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Hi Yasmin

DEFSIZE in call transaction stands for definition of window size.

By default it is ' ' which means that Do not use standard window size.

If you put it to 'X' - means use standard window size


Ashish Jain

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I agree with what Ashish says. The window size option in a BDC is important when you have a long table displayed on the screen. The table will have different number of entries on one page depending on the screen size. If your BDC is written assuming certain screen size, and if DEFSIZE is not set to 'X' and if the user running the BDC has a different screen size setting then the BDC can fail.

So it is best to set DEFSIZE to 'X' when dealing with such situations.

This is how you can set the standard window size on your PC:

Minimize the SAP window, click 'customizing of local layout' button from the toolbar and choose 'default size'.