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BDC Recording for FF.5: Bank Statement Various Format

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Hi experts,

Any of you has tried to do a BDC recording for tcode FF.5? This tcode is actually uploading a bank statement file. The input parameter for this tcode is the path of the file location. Then SAP will read the file (with predefined and standards format).

I am able to create the recording without any problem. And when i test my recording in my local machine (with the file is placed in other machine), it works fine.

However, my requirements is to run this recording in background (as an interface). So my scenario will be: my middleware will call the RFC (with the recording of FF.5 inside it). However, everytime i test from the middleware, i always gue an ABAP dump with detail like this:

Error analysis

Attempt to access a component using 'NULL' object reference (points

to nothing).

An object reference must point to an object (an instance of a class)

before you can use it to access components (variable: " ").

Either the reference has not yet been set, or it has been reset to

'NULL' by a CLEAR statement.

Anyone has any advice or idea? Thank you in advanced....


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Hi Wishnu,

Which is the RFC function module you are using?

Is that function module is having any export parameter like "message_handler".

The error generally comes when the system needs a object of a class to call a method. So you need to create a object for the class and pass in the exporting parameter.






pernr = yit9991-pernr

infty = c_9991

subty = yit9991-subty

begda = yit9991-begda

endda = yit9991-endda

seqnr = 000

message_handler = msg


text_tab = text_tab.

Let me know whether it helps.

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Hi Manas, first of all thanks for the reply and inputs. However, i still dont understand how can i know the class that i need to initiate. Inside my RFC, i am calling my BDC recording FF.5 but there is no parameter for message handler.