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BDC Problem for trasaction KSH2

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Hi Gurus,

My requirement is to move costcentre node from one node to another node for that I have used BDC recording for tranaction KSH2.

My problem is when we run the program in foreground it is working fine but when we run it in the backgroung it is throwing a below error.

" No batch input data for screen SAPLSPO4 0300 "

BDC I have used is call tranaction method.

Can anyone help me out from this.




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Screen SAPLSPO4 0300 requires you to enter the controlling area at the

begining of the transaction.

You don't see this when processing online since the controlling area

parameter id is set for you userid, in background you are required to set

the controlling area.

Screen SAPLSPO4 0300

Field : SVALD-VALUE(01) Value: your controlling area

Function code: FURT

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KSH2 is not a friendly tool for BDC as this has list screen where you have to enter cost center group description.

rather use BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_CREATE to create the cost center group.

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