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BDC_Insert_Session Not Open Error

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I am using a Call transaction to execute a BDC update. The program sometimes gives an error saying <b>"BDC_INSERT_SESSION not open"</b>.

I have checked everything but cannot determine what is causing this error. Sometimes it gives this error and sometimes it runs just fine.

Can somebody help me?


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You need to check the value of sy-subrc after BDC_OPEN_GROUP function call.



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I am not using BDC_OPEN_GROUP because I am already using the CALL TRANSACTION method.

It doesnt give any sy-subrc - when CALL TRANSACTION runs, the error comes immediately.

Any ideas?


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Are you sure u r not using the BDC_OPEN_GROUP in your code....otherwise i can't see a possibility for a session not open error.

However, if u say that the behaviour is inconsistent and sometimes your program runs fine....(not very sure) but just try to find out if the number of internal sessions have reached a maximum limit. I say this because call transaction opens a new internal session while retaining the session of the calling program.

just check this out....

if u can paste your code here then it will be a bit easier to point out the problem.



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i think the problem is with the

the session name.

give prarameters KEEP = 'x' in the BDC program under

BDC_OPEN_GROUP fm. think it will work.

or Do one thing, record the screen events by using SHDB, which generates source code for you BDC program.

modify the source code accordingly.