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BDC for VA02 transaction

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I have a sales order with 30 line items, and I want to change only the data of X line item. Then how to select line item X in BDC for VA02 transaction.

And I should be able to add a new line item after 30th line item. In this case how to place the cursor at 31st line item.

I can't use BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE as some of the fields are missing in BAPI, so I should only use BAPI. I'm using SAP 4.6c version.




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This is a common problem in BDC.

You can overcome this by using the "item to top" button at the bottom of the items list, if you click on that button, it will allow you to enter the POSNR for the required item and then pressing enter will position that item on the top of the list screen.. this way you are always assured that the item you want to modify is always at line number 1 in the screen...

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You can use the POSITION button (sy-ucomm = POPO) and give the item number which will bring the item of the top and also puts the cursor on that particular line item.



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perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
                              'VBAP-POSNR(01)'. "this is when I selected first row... you need to have X#