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BDC data is not updating(not-so-urgent)

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Hi Experts,

I have written BDC and would like to display the message "Planned Price in the List Updated",

But if I use leave list processing statement only first material data is updating and remaining not updating.

Please check the code I have writen and correct it where I am going wrong..<WHAT IS URGENT FOR YOU, IS NOT URGENT FOR OTHERS>

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Hi Naveen,

You can attach your code as txt file.

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Check the CALL TRANSACTION help. You can get a list of all messages generated by the BI execution in a table. Learn which one do you need and show it when found.

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Are you using Update Mode as 'A'  ?

Asynchronous processing is NOT recommended for processing any larger amount of data. This is because the called transaction receives no completion message from the update module in asynchronous updating.

BDC done with sessions is always synchronus.

BDC with call transaction is by default asynchronus

Please change the Update Mode and Check .


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Material  Planned Price    Date

xxxxx         100        10/3/2012

yyyyy         110           11/3/2011

zzzzz                120           12/3/2013

This is my list of material and after executing it is displaying as


xxxxxx  S  Price Updated in the list

yyyyyy  s  price updated in the list

zzzzzz  s  price updated in the list

At the bottom it is displaying as "Material zzzzz Changed". That is a standard

message and I don't want to display that message..Please help how can I remove that.

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I think that behaviour happens when you have the option "Extended log" selected. I guess it's a user option, and not a command one.

Can you check it? If I'm right, you just need to turn off that option, or (better than that) turn off that option for the user who will run your program.

Use the MESSAGES INTO clause, and create a list processing with the resulting internal table.

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Hi Lozano,

How can I turn that option off, please let me know the that I will do the Same.


G Kumar

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I'm not too sure. I just checked  the CALL TRANSACTION help and moved to a point where it says:


If you select the option "Extended log" when processing a batch input session in the background, the I, S and W messages of the transactions are written to the log. If A and E messages are output, batch input terminates.

The behavior of the individual message types is as follows:

  • A message (Abend)
  • Online and background: Batch input is terminated and the session has the status "Incorrect".
  • E message (Error)
  • Online: The screen that outputs the message is displayed and the incorrect input must be corrected.
  • Background: Batch input is terminated and the session has the status "Incorrect".

  • I message (Info), S message (Success), W message (Warning)
  • Online: With "Process visible", the message is output in the status bar; with "Display only errors", the message is not output.
  • Background: If desired (see above), the message is written to the log.