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SAP Developer News, May 16th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News May 16th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( – The Open-Source WayabapGit – The Open Source Way:  DYK SAP Fiori applications usin...


lr_column problem

WHy doens this work??      lr_column ?= lr_columns->get_column( 'AS4USER' ).      lr_column->set_long_text( 'User' ).      lr_column->set_output_length( 7 ).The field is of type:   as4user LIKE e070-as4user,The column header is printed a Owner?

Unpack outbound delivery

Hi All,I want to unpack an outbound delivery. With regular Vl02n transaction I can do that. I am looking for a FM which will unpack the HU in a delivery. I do not want to write a BDC to achieve this. I searched the forum but could not find a proper s...

Resolved! How to assign a field symbol to a table type?

Hi experts,I am having a problem to assign a field symbol to a table type:DATA: lt_bapiadtel                    TYPE TABLE OF bapiadtel,          lt_BAPIADSMTP            TYPE TABLE OF BAPIADSMTP. FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_bapiadtel>  TYPE bapiadtel,      ...

Resolved! LSMW MM01 Error

Hi all,       I am doing Material upload using LSMW(Recording) .Checked the Converted data , fields mapped perfectly .        But getting error : " No batch input data for screen SAPLMGMM 0080 " . I checked running it foreground , initial screen Ok, ...

retrieve version of abap program

Hi Team,              I did the changes in the existing report and generated the version and becz of requirement cancelled so, i generated the version reverted my changes and added new changes in the same program and moved to quality. Now, i want to ...

Find data type from value

Hi,I want to find data type from its value. Ex- If value = 1234 then its data type is numeric.       If value = ABCD then its data type is char. So is there any FM which can tell the data type from its value or any way to do it. Moderator Message: Of...

Resolved! Problem with ALV Report Column

HiI have ALV report that got tons of columns and most of them are showing correctly. But there are two or three where i have a do sum checked got a small problem. The HEADING of the columns says NUMBER instead of its column name...Look at my code: **...

External user ids

Hi All,We are planing to setup the external user ids in cfolders.Proposal is, unquie user id -> Ztest1, ztest2...Disadvantage of this approach is :  One user id can be used by many people, No Accountability.Is there any best approach, where we can ha...

Resolved! re: CUA

Hi all,We have two CUAs maintained in different region with their own landscape. Of these two CUAs one should act as a master and and users/roles from other CUA need be transferred to the master CUA. How to go about this?Thanks & Regards

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