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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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HelloBy implementing *MAT_DOC_CHANGE BADI, we are changing the material doc (MSEG) data, but, at the end, if we see created record in MSEG, our values are wiping off by SAP some where!Pls. let me know What could be the location/point i need to check ...


Hello all,I am using the FM ws_deliver_update within a loop to update all the deliveries in the shipment. I am facing an issue that out of 2 only one delivery gets updated and the other does not. The fields i am updating are :lgtor and lgbzo. I have ...

Resizable pop-up

Hi all,I am trying to create a pop-up which is resizable by the user.This pop-up window will contain two tabs and they have to be sized according to the pop-up window.I have tryed to use a modal dialog box without possitive result. Does anyone have a...

Resolved! infotype include

Hi I wan't to change infotype PA0102, this has several include structures. one of which is PS0102.I've changed PS0102 to remove some serach helps, this has activated successfully but when I go back into PA0102 the changes I've made are not shown what...

ABAP spool to pdf

Hi All,I am facing an issue while converting SPOOL TO PDF.Generated spool contains 2 pages but whn i use covert to pdf FM namely  'CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF' generated pdf contains only half PDF.I am using     CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_P...

permanent lock in RFC call

Hi, in my scenario I want substitute TELNET RF Application with RFC CALL to Web Services Systems.I have a problem with LOCK: in TELNET I have standard table that I lock first time and I continue for the use of TELNET Application,now I lost my lock ev...

access denied

Hi,I'm facing a problem with GUI_UPLOAD in that it sometimes fails with return code 13 (ACCESS_DENIED). . Here's the call I make:CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_uploadHas anyone faced anything similar? Anyone know what the cause might be?

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