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monitor ABAP from UNIX

Hi!I was wondering if anyone can answer the following question for me.  I can't seem to find any good answers off the web.Is it possible to execute a ABAP program in such as a way that it can be tracked directly from the underlying O/S?  For example,...

smartforms and languages

Hi all,We have written an application which uses a self-made Smartform. We pass the language to it as an import parameter and all include texts are called in this language. So when we use different languages they are correctly called.Our problem is: ...

Syntax Check & Includes

I have a problem with a big report (around 8000 lines of code) which I segmented into several Includes for ease of finding the routines.When I enter one of the Includes and start the syntax check I get the message"Report-/Program-Anweisung fehlt, ode...

Use of search help

Hello,I want to cerate a search help where the sorting of the rows should be descending on a certain column instead of ascending.How can i achieve this. (define the search help in a specific way , use a view or ... ?)It would be nice if anybody could...

Lifetime of ABAP OO Objects

Hallo,                                                                  wir setzen für unser Webreporting ein Konstrukt aus BSP und ABAP OO ein.Dieses Konstrukt ist folgendermaßen aufgebaut:                          BSP hat Anwendungsklasse, Anwendun...

Abap Object-oriented question

Hi Folks,I'm currenty writing a user exit in SAP BW and in this user exit I would like to retrieve the value of a certain instance attribute but I don't manage to do this.Let me explain you what I mean. At a certain point in some standard code a "cre...

Tableview Questions

It has been a good while since I had to write a dialog program (past 4 yrs or so have been outside SAP via RFCs/BAPIs). Anyways, I am playing with a simple 1 screen dialog that uses a tableview. I have the flu right now so banging my head against the...

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