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SAP Developer News, April 18th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News April 18th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( CodeJam European Roadshow SAP CodeJam Event Calendar: SAP CodeJam Group: https://communit...


Resolved! Looking for better logic

Dear experts...In the selection screen i have two radio buttons.If i click the first one, it shoud take from the parameter(it contains date).If i click second radio it should take from the range(select-options.) if radio1 = 'x'. select vtweg kunn...

Transport Numbers

Hi all,I have done code changes to existing one and created a new request. By mistake i have relased the request though there are still changes.I have again created the new request and completed the changes. I think now all the changes will be under ...

Resolved! LIS info

Hello folks,Can anyone please explain me what LIS structures are used for, how to create them etc.It would be great if you can point me to some links with LIS documentation.Thanks

Resolved! SapScript images

Hi all,I know that there is a tcode for editing the images I included on my sapScript code, but can´t find it. Which is it?If I have this code on my sapScript...INCLUDE ZCIRCULO OBJECT TEXT ID STWhich transaction should I use in order to edit ZCIRCU...

Resolved! Converting XML into ABAP

Hi guys!I have a problem. I want to have data from a simple XML-File into an ABAP-itab.This is the XML file:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?><F><P1><t_1>value1</t_1><t_2>testvalue</t_2></P1><P2></P2></F>I made a XSLT-Program, but it must have a...

BDC Program

Hi,I want to create material master using bdc session method. The data has to be transferred from csv file to sap system. Please tell me how to achieve this and how to split the fields by commas while uploading.Please provide me the code.Thanks,srira...

Resolved! Module Pool Program

Hi,I am new to Module Pool program, in SAP there is a demo program named DEMO_DYNPRO_INPUT_OUTPUT, when I copy the program and execute the program in ABAP editor it is showing the error at 'call screen 100' that is "Screen cannot accessible".I design...

how can i download data

hi guys,i want to download the data from spool for a perticular can i do it?what is relationship between spool-id and program name?TSP01-RQIDENT & TSP01-RQ2NAME will not work. RQ2NAME is not always a program name.Please provide me the sol...

Resolved! Free key word Function

hi experts, i am confusing with free key word usage.right now i have not used FREE in my abap programs.i read documentation it is sayingFREE:-Releases the memory space needed to process the internal table itab. My doubt is why i need to Release the i...

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