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Hi all, I'm trying to use the BADI LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC for the transaction code VL31N, I had implemented the methods CHANGE_FIELD_ATTRIBUTES and CHANGE_DELIVERY_ITEM and I tried to stop the program (breakpoint) but doesn't stop, anyone known if this...

quotes problem in bdc

Hi,Iam trying to create bdc field numbers (ex:VBEP-WMENG(02))dynamically.While doing this bdcquotes are missing.example:perform bdc_field using 'VBEP-WMENG(02)'Iam trying to add '''(quote between quotes).But it is not accepting... and double qu...

GUI status problem

Hi,I have two screens 1000 & 2000.I have given execute button ('STRT') in screen 1000.Once exectued, it is going to screen 2000.When iam coming back to 2000 to 1000 & execute again(in 1000 screen) is not working(not going to screen 2000).That me...

Resolved! Doubts in F4 help

Hi,I want to attach value help to a field. I also want to make that field as non-editable so that the user chooses only from F4 help. So i made an input field as non-editable and attached a F4 help to it. But when i try to choose value from the F4 he...

Rename the Structure?

HI folks,In a requirement, i had to create a structure through 'Append Structure' into another standard SAP structure 'ROIJTIC_IO'. This never asked for a key. Now, i want to rename the appended structure, but it is asking for a key. Is there any way...


hi,i am doing lsmw for cs01(BOM),using a standard program RCSBI010,it has 3 structures ~~bgr00~~~~|~~~-BICSK~~~~~~ |~~~~~~ |-BICSP~~~~~~ |~~~~~~ |-BICSUthere a field 'stype' common between all the 3 structures,and a field 'xline' common between BICSP...

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