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user exit

Hi Experts,Iam new to User Exits.I got a requirement to work onUSEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD ,USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP & USEREXIT_GET_FIELD_FROM_SDCOM.Can any one help me out where to start these exits?Any use of CMOD & SMOD tcodes for this exits?Any docume...


Hi, When I am using the FM : VRM_SET_VALUES, I am geting the key value but not the text. Below is the code:name = 'PS_PARM'.value-key = '1'.value-text = 'Line 1'.APPEND VALUE TO LIST.VALUE-KEY = '2'.VALUE-TEXT = 'LINE 2'.APPEND VALUE TO LIST.CALL F...

Custom ALV HTML Header

I am trying to create a standard header for our company as we are trying increase the development of custom ALV reports. I have the header working, but I am wondering how to convert an internal table to html and display in the header. This is mostl...

netpr in EKPO

I have one doubt, I checked a PO in the ME33K (Contract) and it says its netpr is 0. But when I go to the EKPO for the same contract, the netpr says 2185. Is there any flag that makes this happen?TIA

Resolved! ALV, Module pool

Hi, I have 2 screens. In one screen I am using ALV and in other screen I am using Module pool. For the first screen, i have a refresh button which does the following logic:RETRIEVE_DATA.RS_SELFIELD-REFRESH = 'X'.In the second screen , i have a save...

Help in change Request

Hi, Some one created Change request as a Local Change request. I want to do some modification in object within this request. But it's not allwoing me to go into Chamge mode.. Getting error as "Choose a change request with target system RELEASED?" I d...

OSS notes for CNTL_ERROR dump

Hello folks,I am getting a short dump at the below RASIE CNTL_ERROR statement in the METHOD FREE.I am just wondering there should be some OSS notes available for this. If somebody came across this issue...please help me with the SAP notes.METHOD FREE...

GL-wise report

dear consultants,i'm preparing a G/L-wise reports with,tables: bsis,bseg.with fields,bukrs,hkont,zuonr,gjahr,belnr,buzei,budat,bldat,blart,gsber,shkzg,dmbtr,werks from bsis bschl,matnr,menge,meins,ebeln,aufnr from bseg when i've used inner join for b...

LSMW - Material Variant

hi, I'm uploading material using LSMW object 020 method 000 and then object 0130 method 002 for classification. I'm unable to fill field STDPD ( ConfigurableMaterial ) and those fields under "configure variant" button on the "MRP 3" screen ( transact...

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