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SAP Developer News, April 18th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News April 18th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( CodeJam European Roadshow SAP CodeJam Event Calendar: SAP CodeJam Group: https://communit...


DCOM Connector.

Hi I am new to SAP DCOM connector, our company is using DLL created by connector for passing/fetching data to/from Sap.I need to add an additional field to the return Table structre, do I need to re-complie the whole applixation again using DCOM.than...

Resolved! ABAP Workbench

I am a newbei in ABAP Programming and learning day by day a little. Now i am feeling a need of a Env, where i can test my ABAP Program. I don't have SAP R/3 System at home and too install it is also out of the question.My Question:Where i can practic...

Resolved! BAPI_PO_CREATE1 - Error

I am using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to create Purchase Orders.It used to work fine until now. It is giving me a dump.<u>Trigger Location Of Runtime Error</u><b>Program:</b> CL_PO_ITEM_HANDLE_MM==========CP <b>Include:</b> CL_PO_ITEM_HANDLE_MM==========CM00...

F4 Search Help

Hi,I have created a search help for the Job Feild in CAT2,I am trying to limit what is returned. I want to return what are valid jobs between two dates. I am able to obtain the dates needed but I'm not sure in what table I have to place these value...

IDOC Filtering for DEBMAS

I am currently using change pointers to trigger the DEBMAS IDOC. I need to be able to filter a range of customers that are not required to be sent. These customers have a defined class type, so it would be ideal to prevent these from going through w...

Transfer Dataset

Hi All.... Need some infomation on Transfer Dataset. When i am sending some data(lets say 100 records) from in an internal table to application server using trnasfer data set in "TEXT Mode", I am getting data. but data i am getting in the file as 10...

Resolved! add line feed to string

Hello everyone,I have a Form that will output a bar code. That bar code is composed of 4 fields from a table that are concatenated into a string. The problem is that the client wants to read the bar code and have an output with 4 distinct lines on sc...

Resolved! Smartforms Problem

In smartforms i converted one BMP file to TIF file and uploaded to Text using standard program RSTXLDMC.Now the issue is how to use the standard text in my smart form to print the image.i know how to use the TIF image directly but i want to know how ...

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