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SAP Developer News, May 16th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News May 16th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( – The Open-Source WayabapGit – The Open Source Way:  DYK SAP Fiori applications usin...


Resolved! Meaning of Warning Message

Dear all,I have an INCLUDE, say the name is "Z_INCLUDE". I have included it in a program, say the program name is "Z_REPORT". When I perform syntax check in ABAP Editor, the following warning message appears for every single subroutine in Z_INCLUDE.-...

Resolved! EXIT

Hi,I have a scenario where in a inbound function module, i need to stop idoc processing at some place if an condition is not met.If i use exit it either exits the current loop or block.Any command to stop whatever may be the processing after that.if ...

Resolved! Print to PDF file

Hi GURUSI have searched - but not found - a soloution on a little problem.I want to have my ABAP list or SAP Script print converted to PDf.So far so good. I have tried to ways - defining af device type (printer) outpt to a file in PDF format. It work...

IDoc Mapping

Hi All!I am new to IDoc scenarios,I am having mapping details for which a basic IDoc has to be identified.Using we60,what basic criteria i have to look out for selecting a basic IDoc for my requirment.Please suggest.Thanks in advanceKumar

Resolved! Vertical lines

frnds, im downloading an internal table to a file(txt file )using the function module "gui_download". i want to have vertical lines between the columns... any suggestions ? points assured...madan.....

Resolved! Help me

Hi,I have a table named ZPRODINFOT with fieldsFields Data element Data type Length Check tableMANDT MANDT CLNT 3 T000 PROID ZPROID NUMC 5 ZPRODINFO SPRAS SPRAS LANG 1 T002PRO_D...

Resolved! Standard Text

Hi All,Can u pls let me know if it is possible to do any of the programming in standard text (transaction SO10) . I want to change the value of field in another format in this standard text.It is urgent. Pls let me know first if it is possible and se...

File Create date

Hi i've been asked to make a program that send e-mail with attachments files from a directory on the server,the file that'll be attach have to be with creation date of the day the program will execute.i did the part of sending e-mail,my problem is th...

Resolved! Replacing old logic

Hi all, i wanna know your thoughts on this. I've been asked to rewrite a few lines of codes, as follows: CLEAR CUST. CUST = KUWEV-KUNNR. IF LIKP-TRAID EQ SPACE. IF CUST = '1000000001' OR CUST = '1000000002' OR CUST = '1000000004' OR CU...

Mirror Image of SAP

Hi,Is it possible to view the data's from SAP DB into Non-SAP System application as mirror image n seamlessly intergrate between each other. And when there are changes in SAP DB will it refelect in Non-SAP application for viewing using a middleware.I...

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