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Buttons in ALV

Hi, I need to add a new row in ALV. I am presently using the standard ALV buttons to insert a new row. the Standard button inserts a blank line. But I need the blank line with an icon (for example Comments icon) in one of its fields. How can I achie...

BADI For Menu Enhacement

Hi,I want to Put one custon Icon in Standard Toolbar. when i click that icon screen should display. I think I can done this by BADI. But don't know where to start from BADI?Any Ideas how can i create BADI for Menu Ehancements? Any examples will be he...

Resolved! Currency Fields

Hi all,In the creation of the ztable if I want to include a field which should hold currencies can you please explain me how to create domain,data element and what all should I specify when I include the field in the table.Regards,Varun.

Resolved! Need a Function Module

Hi All,I am using 'GUI_DOWNLOAD' to download excel file.In this case if any field having leading zeros it is removed.I want any option in this FM which will retain the leading zeros or any other FM which will do the same.Regards,Jeetu

Resolved! Foreign Keys

Hi all,A standard message is output if the value check by the foreign key on the screen field results in an invalid input. You can replace this standard message with any message. To do this, you must enter the message class of the message in the fiel...

Resolved! Table problem on SE37

I created a ZTABLE ZTABANOMALIST, and filled it.I'm creating a fonction to display it (with some enhancements). On the Tab "Table" I declared ZTEMPTAB LIKE ZTABANOMALIST.My aim is to write a SQL SELECT likeSELECT * from ZTABANOMALIST into ....Before ...

Draw Circles

Hi Guys,I need to display one field within circle(means i need to display one filed that field always has the value 'Y' or 'N')in sapscript and in report output also means both normal and alv reports.How can i do this? Is it possible in sap to draw c...

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