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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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Decimal format

Hi All, I have a SAP Script for Purchase order where i'm displaying numeric values,if the output goes beyond one page, i'm facing a strange situation, the decimal format of the first line item in 2nd page is getting displayed in a different

Resolved! sorted table...

Hello experts,I am recently having a problem in sorting an itab because it contains almost 3 million records and I'm thinking if I just make it a sorted table. Now, how can I make a table based on this sort: SORT t_ztm0019_tmp BY sernr datum DESCENDI...

Resolved! SET Country in SE71

Hi all,If we use set country XX.For this XX country,does it takes reference table T005?if XX doesnot exist,what is the result?Actually my requirement is to display date field in such a format that is acceptable for that country..Please suggest.Thanks...

Resolved! Write a long text

Hi, I hope can anyone can help me.. I need write a text into a field. This field is a char(200) so I need that in the screen in the part of the field I can click it and open the screen where can write a long text. I don't know how to do that I've s...

mercandise category

hi, i requuire to get mercandise hieracrhy for a material in mara . is ther any function module from which i can input material or matkl field to get various hieracrhy levels(mch1). i have to modify a script drmatically.thnks

RFC help required

Hi ABAP GURU's,Can we update GR info coming from an Non-SAP sys through RFC by using MB01 TCODE. I have tried doing that. Non-SAP sys is triggering an RFC which creates a 'Session' in SAP.Then i am processing that session. But when i try to process, ...

Resolved! FM to get day of week

Hello experts,Does anybody knows a FM that will return the day of the week, example I will passed today's date using SY-DATUM and the FM will return what day of the week is today (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....)Regards,Christopher

Resolved! Regarding RF transaction LM19

Hi..As per my client requirement I have to add an input field in LM19 screen first screen.Is it possible to enhance the RF transaction screen using USER EXITS? I want to know the complete procees, how to do the things..If I get the answer from anybod...

Resolved! solutions regarding runtime error

Hello experts,I recently had my program transported on prod server and the program produces a run time error. The error pointed out in my sort statement and when I checked the db table where I get the records I found out that it contains almost 3 mi...

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