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PM report....

Hi frnds ...i hav a report to devlop.can anyone hav a report for breakdown analysis in PM module(plant maintainance)My o/p fields are...1)f/l--2) eq no- 3)no of times damage & failures- 4)cause of damage-- 5)damage part.frnds i m new to PM module can...

selection Screen

Hi , I want to Display Four Radio Buttons on the Selection Screen. But the Condition is that first it should show only two radio buttons and by selecting one of the it should show anohter two. I wrote it but it is not working . I wrote it in the At S...

Logical data base VAV

Hi all,I need to convert the logic written in the LDB VAV to normal report because in my report LDB VAV is used and its taking lot of time to run the report. I have gone through the LDB source code but i did n't get any help. if any one have done any...

Capturing message class

Hi All, I want to capture the message Generated by Messae class M7060 i.e 'Document & Posted' , '&' will be replaced by a number during runtime and i want to capture this number to a variable.Please help!Thanks in advanceSandeep Shenoy

Resolved! SAP Query

Hi,I have created a function group, but I want want to add few fields in the selection proccess which are not key fields with some default values. How can I do this?or is there an option not to display the fields on the output though selecting it as ...


Hi All I am working on BAdI BOM_UPDATE ( method Change_at_save)I need to populate the sort string field (sortf) at the commponent level at BOM save (CS01 and CS02) with Material Group value + Component Item number.My code is working fine for concaten...

User Exits

Hi , I am new to ABAP. I don't have any Idea on User exits. I read ABAP help. I could not understand it. What is the difference between CMOD and SMOD ? What is the difference between User Exit and BADI ? Can any one provide real time example for a Sm...

urgent help in script

Hi all,I have a script with 2 pages first and nexti have two main windows 00 and 01 per page.I have records liketype mat matdesa 1 abcb 2 abcda 3 abcdeb 4 bgguI want to display in my script astype mat matdes --inside a boxa 1 abca 3 abcdetype mat mat...

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