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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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memory id

hi all,can anybody tell me what is the function of 'memory id' in selection screen.we have in one report: select-options: rg_zl for vbak-kunnr memory id vag,<----then afterwards used: select single * from vbpa into wa_zlvbpa where ...

Populating list box

Hello all,We have a requirement where in a list box should contain only certain specific values, but currently the listbox is getting populated using the values from data dictionary as it refers to the domain which has a value table assigned. We have...

need help on ALV report

hi,i am new to ALV programming,i awant to generate the report with three teable mseg,mkpf,mard.i need selection screen the selection screen following is the field names.Matdoc number-mseg-mblnrmat number - mseg-matnrplant - mseg-werkssloc mse...

Read_text Help

Hi,I need to find out the exact standard text name from Read_text function module. I am getting standard text from this function but i need to know the standard text name what exactly used here. Regards,ram

Regarding Change Documents.

Hi, In the transaction SCDO i have created change document object for one of my Ztable. The Includes, Function Group are all generated. I have checked the "Change Document" checkbox at the data element level at one of my table fields. But eventhough ...

query on mm tables

Hi all,I want to find total receiving quantity and issuing quantity of matrial of material type FERT i.e. finish good.So can anyone please suggest me which tables and field i should use?Thanks in advance.....Dhwani.

Inner join ( 3 tables)

Hi Frendz,i have three tables EKKO, EKPO and T024.EKKO - ebeln ebelp zconf ekgrp netwrEKPO - ebelp T024 - eknamI want to link these three tables using inner join, can u give me the syntax ?Points for sure,thanks in advanceSrini Kumar

Need help in MIS report

Hi Friends, I am creating a MIS report. In the output there is number of columns, so if click on a particular cell then i should get all the deatils regarding to that cell, which will be displayed in the Excel sheet. In my report i h...

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