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SAP Developer News, May 16th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News May 16th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( – The Open-Source WayabapGit – The Open Source Way:  DYK SAP Fiori applications usin...


Resolved! dump, very urgent

Hi,wheni run the program system giving dump saying at line read dataset xfile into str.when i get into st22 it's saying system error occured at conversion. how will i solve this?******************************************form getfile tables intab1 st...

Resolved! Output Purchase Order Text

Hi All I am new with abap.can someone help me please I want to get the purchase order text from mm02I think the table is stxh but I can i see the text .in the SQL trace I saw just the code.there is a function that i can see the text ?

ABAP System functios

Hi experts,How to call an ABAP system functions into ABAP pgm?For ex: CALL 'ALERTS' ID 'ADMODE' FIELD abcd ID 'OPCODE' FIELD defgh ID 'FILE_NAME' FIELD ld ID 'DIR_TBL' FIELD i_files-sys.from where i can call this into abap pgm?...Any body Pl...

Resolved! Excel to SAP Urgent

HI All,The Scenario is like thisDispatch clerk at is responsible for checking the weight of the truck that is carrying the goods and issue a delivery note and upload all that into the SAP system through an excel file.Now this excel file is generated ...

Resolved! checking include program

hello experts, i did some changes in the include program which is a sub part of another include and which has all the validations.please tell me how i have to check for errors and execute it.already some transaction codes are created fo...


Hi , i am adding four new fields in the transaction cc01 and i have created a struture and appended it to table AENR.i have two questions:1. when i am going to flow logic and double clicking on the module its saying that the module does not exit , ...

Resolved! script

hi experts, i developed script layout and print program also.i can print the line items in first page but if its more line items it is showing the error like this. 'WRITE_FORM is invalid, START_FORM is missing'.how can i get the line ite...

Date Logic

I have date range comming in my selection screen: for eg: 23/08/2006 and 31/11/2006.I need to validate these two dates in two select criteria.a) For Daily -> I need the dates from 23/08/2006 to 31/08/2006.b) For Monthly -> I need 09/2006 to 11/2006....

Menu Exit for VK13

Hi,I'm new to user exits and my requirement is that in Trnx VK13, under condition menu I have to disable the menu change.I tried copying the program to Zprogram and created a ZTrnx but it's giving errors like entry not found in T180. I forced an entr...

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