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Hi Guys, when i tried to debug f110 by placing a break-point in the EXIT_SAPLIEDP_101 the cursor is not going there andbelow is the error i am gettingProgram RFFOEDI1: No records selectedCan anybody help me out where might be the problem..?Than...

Resolved! Transaction

Hi, how can we make a transaction for executable program.I tried se93 to make a transaction. Its working i.e .selection screen is coming but as i pressed f8 to execute it after entering data . it is terminated.please do the needful.Hemant

Resolved! hr infotype requirement

hi all,I have a requirement to find out to produce a report for different wage types for an employee during a works as follows.input is profit center.I have to find out the releated cost centers. then i need to go to table PA0001 and find ou...

Code correction

In the below code, the loop passes for three times. MOVE SY-INDEX TO LV_INDEX. why sy-index is not getting value three here.LOOP AT GT_FINAL ASSIGNING <GT_FINAL> WHERE DAY = '1'. MOVE <GT_FINAL>-MATNR TO WA_BPSTAB-MONDAY. WRITE <GT_FINAL>-MATNR ...

Version Check

Hi All, I want to do version check for list of objects.Say Whether the last version of the program was imported to URP. I know conventional method but it is not useful for me. I need to do version check for set of programs. Do we have any functi...

freight value in po

Hi all, In ME23n transaction item details, we have a condition tab. In that the freight rate and discount rate will be entered. I wanted to know the table in which the data gets stored for a particular PO item. Please help . It is urgent. I saw the...

idoc material

Hi all I m facing problem to upload data through idoc.the scenario is like we receive electric meter reading in flat file format. And to upload that data JAVA code is written which will create an IDOC FILE this authorization is only give to 2-3 perso...

Resolved! Alv printing

Hi all, please help me i got the records in alv grid i want to print them so i activated the print icon using menu painter.Now what i have to do please explain to me step by step.Thank You.Regards,Giri.

Resolved! internal table

Hi .i have internal table having BELNR in one column and WRBTR in another column. now i want to append these records in another internal table but i want that till BELNR contain same value , WRBTR should be placed in next column on same row. when BEL...

Resolved! Sy-tabix

At the end of first loop sy-tabix carries value 3. why its not get cleared when second loop starts. In the second loop value starts from 3+ Monday CLEAR: WA_BPSTAB, WA_BPSTAB2 . LOOP AT GT_FINAL ASSIGNING <GT_FINAL> WHERE DAY = '1'. <b> MOVE SY-...

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