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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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urgent - VL02n

Hi All,I want to change the billing status “A’ to ‘ ‘ (space) in overall status and Delivery item status in VL02N transaction.When I tried to change the billing status A to ‘ ‘. It got changed but the problem is when I go back and again I check the ...

Resolved! IF that does not work

IF eq '#' does not work!i debug and i can see the value # in the variable but never do the next line!is a char type or ?DATA:linea(20),zlineas type n. zlineas = STRLEN( linea ). if zlineas NE 0. zlineas = zlineas - 1. describe fi...

Resolved! copy price list into sales order

Hi,Need help. I have a requirement to copy in the pricelist type for a particular partner type into sales order specific to certain type of orders. Price list field has to be copied into sales order at the header level and values default into item l...

Resolved! BDCP is not getting updated

Hi All,When I change a business location by tcode O402, it is going to table BDCP and change pointer is working perfectly. But when I create a business location table CDPOS and CDHDR is getting updated. BDCP is not getting updated in create case. Can...


hi to all,help me in this issuei have written a subroutine for changing decimal format of the amount asperformusing &rf140-wrshbchaging &l_amountendformiam calulating this amount in subrouine and getting the valuebut this is value is recognized only...


Hi all,I'm using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE to update the Item Category. Everything is ok, but after update, the field Customer Material has been initialized (and I don' want it). What I'm doing wrong?Thanx in advance.That's my code:data: aux_matnr type ...

issue reg idoc

Hi all,Hi all,I have to read the edids-statxt.for a record it says Item &2 has been deleted from document &1but when i check the same idoc in we05 ,it says Item 0001 has been deleted from document 987687766can any one tell me where does the value for...

Propose UD Code in QA11

I am trying to propose a UD Code when the user goes into transaction QA11. I am trying to use enhancement QEVA0006. When testing, none of the data that I enter in E_QAVE is displayed on the screen even though I have E_EXIT_ACTIV = 'X'. Any help wo...


Guys please help me with this shipment cost tracking reporti need invoice number,frieght,total container and total packagesits very urgent and please tel me Thanks in advance

Resolved! AVL grid Display

Hello Friends,I have to write a report which displays results in ALV grid form. I have got this done and everything seems ok. The problem is before the Grid display on the same screen I have to Hard code the comanys name and pull data from the sales ...

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