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SAP Developer News, May 16th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News May 16th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( – The Open-Source WayabapGit – The Open Source Way:  DYK SAP Fiori applications usin...


Authorization - all Z reports

Hi,What is the best way to set-up authtorizations for z reports?We have different keys like company code,material,plant etc..Can we use any standard objects to do this? Or do we need to develop a custom for each report depending on Key's used?regards...

Resolved! creating entries in new table

Hello,I have created a new custom table and performed the "table maintenance generator". when I go to SM30 to enter data in the table, there is no grid that appears to let me enter data. when I click the "maintain" button, it takes me to a blank scre...

modify a field in LIKP

Hi everybody, I have to modify a field in the table LIKP (CTLPC ) when another field in the table LIPS-PSTYV is 'KBN'. The problem is that I don't know which function module I have to use, because I don't know another way to modify that field.Does an...

Resolved! Example transaction

I know there are a transaction on SAP with a lot of examples of how should a dynpro looks like, and the code to do it. The problem is that I don't remember the transaction code, and I can't find it.Could anybody refresh my mind?Thanks!

Resolved! Currency field ALV

hi experts,i have a field which has decimals values and i am displaying them in ALV.while display the colum is not aligned according to the decimal point.i have refered this field from a currency field in standard i want...


I get IDOCs from system A to system B using the standard message type CLFMAS and the Inbound using the standard process code CLFM. The system B doesn't have any standard tables, all the tables are customised tables. But a customised table XYZ is upda...

field values

Hello,I need to insert a code which is in bold but it is not consider there.......can you suggest how can i update that field values....it_fg_xvbap-kmpmg into it_fg_xvbap-kwmeng if the material zfreegoods-matnr is not equal to it_fg_xvbap-matnr..corr...

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